For Friday , July 11, 2014  Prompt #68

Following up Wednesday’s cycle-of-life, theme, today’s prompt is about weddings, actual and metaphoric. (I’m traveling this week, so no photo accompaniment.)

1. Write about the first wedding you remember attending.
2. Include small details that have stayed with you and emotions you experienced, such as excitement, anger, confusion,

Further Writing
1.If you have had wedding ceremony or a commitment or civil union ceremony, write or rewrite your wedding vows with the knowledge and experience you now have.

2. Write commitment vows to another person, place, or passion. For example, to your children, to your hometown, or to your vegetable garden. They can be heartfelt, heart-wrenching, whimsical, or a mix of emotions.

For Writing Groups

1. Write vows of commitment to your writing.
2.Read them out loud to each other.

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