Let It All Out

July 2, 2014  Prompt #61




Today’s prompt is all about the rant. The “shout, shout, let it all out,” break-the-rules writing that demands you your speak your mind without apology.




  1. Scribble down attitudes and actions that infuriate you. List big issues, like poverty, or smaller ones, like not using your turn signal. Write for 5 minutes.
  2. Include both general, such as human greed, and specific, such as leaving dirty dishes in a shared sink.
  3. Re-read what you’ve written and underline a phrase or sentence that resonates for you.
  4. Write that phrase on the top of a new sheet of paper.  Write for 20 minutes.

Hints for Good Rant Writing

  • Choose a topic about which you feel passionate.
  • Let yourself go off on tangents.
  • Let yourself be angry. Let yourself be funny. Let yourself be both.

Tomorrow: Further Rant Writing and Variations for Writing Groups


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