Run Away

June 14, 2014.  Prompt #45

WritIMG_0676e about running away.


  1. Write about an actual act or a symbolic one.
  2. Write a true story, a fantasy, or a fictional account.
  3. Consider how running away might vary for a child, teenager, or adult.




Further Writing

  • Write a list of 6 things that you (or your character) plan to take with you when you run away. Build this list into your story or essay.
  • Turn your list into a prose poem.

Variation for Writing Groups

  1. On one set of cards, briefly describe a catalyst for running away. It can be serious (spouse abuse or other dangers at home) or lighter (broken vase, forgetting a birthday, boredom at the office).
  2. On a second set of cards, describe a setting (i.e, the bank of creek, a bus station, the sidewalk outside Liquor Mart.)
  3. On a third set of cards, write an exclamatory phrase, such as Not again!  Hot damn!  All Aboard!  or Keep Out!)
  4. Place the cards in separate piles on the table, either face up or face down. Each writer chooses one card from each pile, intentionally or randomly.
  5. Use the exclamatory phrase as your opening line. Incorporate the setting and situation and write from there. Write for 20 minutes.


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