Champs Elysees

June 10, 2014.  Prompt #41


When I left work  tonight, I came across a group of folk dancers in the plaza next to my office. They were learning the “Champs Elysees” line dance. The old-school music, the French lyrics, and the dusky setting combined for an unexpected summer moments: a mix of happiness and wistfulness, connection and separation. Unfortunately, I can’t load the video onto this post, only this screen capture.  (To get some sense of the music, click this link.)



  1. Think of (or make up)  a time that you encountered something unexpected. Write about how it changed the moment, the day, or something more for you.
  2. Describe your emotional and physical state before, then during, then after the event.
  3. Write for 15 minutes.

Further Writing

  • Write about participating, either enthusiastically or reluctantly, in a group event such as a folk dance, pick-up basketball game, or religious service. Write for 15 minutes.
  • Write about a summer night when you felt connected to others around or one when you felt far apart. Write for 20 minutes.

Variation for Writing Groups

  1. Write down song lyrics that feel  like a “sound track” of summer and share it with the group. If possible, bring a recording of the song to your writing group.
  2. Share the lyrics or play the song for the group as members write their impressions and associations as they listen to the music.
  3. Repeat the prompt with other songs/lyrics from other group members.
  4. Write for 20 minutes.