This I Believe (part 2)

May 22, 2014  Prompt #22



Today’s post builds on yesterday’s This I Believe prompt, offering follow-up exercises and options for writing groups. If you haven’t already read my May 21 post or listened to or read sample essays on the This I Believe website, do that now.


Further Writing

  • Choose a value or activity that is not one of your core beliefs, then write a convincing essay celebrating your deep conviction of it. I, for example, might write, “I believe in boasting.” or “I believe in the redemptive power of American Idol.” You can take on another persona as you write or write in your own voice. Write for 20 minutes.
  • Reviewing what wrote, can you see any actually core beliefs emerging from your non-beliefs? Is it freeing or unnerving to write passionately about something you are not actually passionate about?

Variations for Writing Groups

  1. Each member writes down two core beliefs (one per index card) and puts them in the middle of the table. Members randomly choose one to write about.
  2. If you are writing fiction, write a “This I Believe” essay in the voice of one of your characters.

Thoughts on this writing prompt?


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