Sensory Week: Sound

May 12, 2014  Prompt #11


Welcome to Sensory Week here at The Writeous Sisters.  Each day, Monday through Friday, will focus on a different sense.  Today: Hearing.


  1. Start with a selection without words, such as a piano concerto, jazz, Big Band, or other instrumental work.
  2. Play your selection and write down whatever words, phrases, and ideas come into your head.
  3. Write for 10 minutes.



  • This is a good opportunity to loosen up. Try writing single words or short phrases. Or writing one very long sentence. Be experimental.
  • Listen to music you don’t normally listen to. If you are an opera fan, try Country Western. If you like New Age, try Rap. And visa versa.

How This Prompt Can Strengthen Your Writing

  • Offers inspiration from another creative source.
  • Works with a different part of your brain. (I have no scientific proof of this, just seems that way…)

Further Writing

  • Read what you have written.  Circle a phrase that stands out for you. Write it on top of a fresh sheet of paper. Without music, write in response to it for 15  minutes.
  • Listen to music with words.  Write in response to that for 10 minutes. Are the words distracting or helpful?
  • Write to music with words in a language you don’t know. How is this different?

Variations for Writing Groups

  1. Bring in selections of music for each other.
  2. Share what the group has written after listening to the same piece of music.  Any overlaps in thought or language?
  3. As members share their work, write down the last sentence of the writer sitting to your left. Write that sentence or phrase on a new sheet of paper. Write in response to it for 15 more minutes.

Preparation for Friday’s Prompt

Friday: Buy a fruit that you like or are willing to taste. Suggestions for good writing include an orange, mango, banana, grapefruit, tangerine, grapes, or strawberries.

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